how to make curtainsIt will take some creativity on how to make curtains that are unique and that will accentuate your room décor. No longer do you need to depend on the stores inventory but create your own curtains in a few simple steps.

Get your sewing machine into order, buy some fabric that complements your home furnishing and wall colors and get started!  All you need to do is measure your windows both vertically and horizontally.

Add another 10 inches to the length when you are buying fabric for the tucks. Double the measurements to get the right curtain length. If you plan on buying a fabric with a pattern, remember to get some extra length so that the pattern on the curtain looks symmetrical.  Read the rest of this entry

how to hang curtainsIf you are planning on embarking on an adventure on how to hang curtains, all you need really need to do is equip yourself with the proper tools.

To know how to hang curtains, you need to get the curtain rod to be installed straight. You must have bought the curtains that match your décor and color theme and all that is needed is to hang them up straight.

So before you go ahead and get some curtain rods, it is best to first measure the window as each window may have a different size. You also need to determine the number of curtain rods that you require. However, keep your budget in mind as the cost of curtain rods varies with different styles and materials.

After the curtain rods are bought, mark the places for drilling with a pencil and ensure that both the marks are at the same level. Just drill the holes to install curtain rods and now you can hang up the curtains!  Now there are a wide variety of ways that curtains can be hanged from rods. From circular rings to clips to the track system, there are many ways of hanging your drapes and curtains. Read the rest of this entry

Blackout Curtains

blackout curtainsIf you’re getting ready to welcome a new arrival into your family for the first time, congratulations!  It’s undoubtedly an exciting but slightly apprehensive time, as friends and well-wishers have no shortage of advice to offer about how to make things go smoothly and what to watch out for.  While we won’t tackle the finer points of parenting here, we will spend just a little time covering some pointers for setting up your new nursery.

The most important element your new nursery should offer is a comfortable, quiet, and dark sleeping environment.  Your new arrival will sleep at odd hours (and won’t sleep during sleeping hours!), and mostly during the day, so you’ll want to be able to block out sunlight from your baby’s room.  Black out curtains are perfect for this purpose.  Read the rest of this entry

Contemporary Window Curtains

contemporary window curtainsUpdating your windows with contemporary curtains is a great way to give a room a facelift. After a number of years, most people grow tired of looking at the same old curtains, and they can often begin to look a little dated. Buying new curtains can be a quick and inexpensive way to make a change. Let’s look at some of the curtains and window treatments that will give you a modern look.

Contemporary window curtains are simple, classic and have a natural look and feel. Ruffles, tassels and other embellishments are out, clean and simple lines are in. Look for flat panel drapes, tab topped curtains and practical solutions that will be attractive while helping you conserve energy. Most people expect more form their curtains than just being a pretty window dressing. Read the rest of this entry

cheap curtainsThe most practically convincing home improvement ideas in the world don’t come with hefty price tags. And when it comes to draperies, you can always find true value with cheap curtains that don’t come in fancy fabrics. But with the right color combination and accessories you can easily find everywhere, these cheap curtains can create impressive results all the time.

Not that every cheap fabric is a bad thing: the types of fabrics that make the most interesting lines of cheap curtains have already been popular for decades for their tested quality and material strength. Even sheer fabrics, which are mostly made of loosely woven polyester or rayon, can last for longer periods with proper care and maintenance. Read the rest of this entry

temporary blindsTemporary blinds can be very useful for people who’ve recently changed their address. Why are these blinds called “temporary blinds”? Well, this type of blinds was invented especially for people who need something that they can use in order to cover their windows for a short period of time.

That’s why there many people who opt for temporary blinds when they didn’t had enough time to search for permanent curtains or blinds. The most important benefit of this type of blinds is represented by the fact they are inexpensive and so, all people can afford to purchase them. Read the rest of this entry

roman shadesIf people think that Plantation shutters or Roman shades have just been introduced as a new concept for the beautification of homes, they are certainly mistaken. These products have been in use for a number of years and the exact time about where they were introduced can only be speculated.

It must be mentioned that these products were introduced at a time when people did not have access to electricity air-conditioners or radiators to regulate the temperatures in their home and had to rely upon mother nature for the supply of light and air.

People could have used these products in those days because they were easy to maintain and did not require the kind of care that is essential for curtains. They could have made a decision to have such products installed as they did not have access to washing machines or vacuum cleaners either. These products were easy to maintain and give the people an option to regulate the flow of light and air into their homes. Read the rest of this entry

rustic curtain polesOne of the reasons that a cabin theme may be so popular for interior design is that people like the idea of a simple life. Clean, natural lines and the feel of the outdoors appeal to a lot of people. On the other hand, a cabin theme can be quite overdone as well. With a few simple tips, you can bring this theme to your home – in as little or as large a way as you like.

The heart of a cabin or rustic theme are the materials. Definitely wood, also leather, flannel or wrought iron bring the theme. Knotty pine, roughness, all that is rustic. Except, you don’t have to not sand your furniture. You can go with a hardwood floor, and half wall wood paneling, and still get the look.

If you want there are dozens of accessories you can buy – from bears on toilet paper holders to lamps that look like they are made from a solid piece of wood. If you don’t want, a coffee table made of wood and lamps that look more like lanterns will also evoke the cabin feel. But, no matter how much or how little you do, you will need to decorate your windows. Read the rest of this entry

plantation shuttersA number of people have Plantation shutters installed on the windows of their homes because of the convenience it offers to regulate the flow of light and air into the home. People get the feeling that by installing shutters made from wood, plastic, or aluminum will do away with the requirement of regular maintenance.

However, people must understand that dust has a nasty habit of accumulating on such material and therefore they should be prepared to have the shutters cleaned regularly. The cleaning of such shutters will not be as difficult as that of curtains or Roman shades, which may require additional efforts. However, people will still be required to dust the shutters regularly and perhaps wipe them clean with a damp cloth, at least once a week. Read the rest of this entry

More homeowners are now purchasing bamboo flooring and blinds and one reason is that products that are made out of bamboo are more environmentally friendly and durable than products that are made out of wood.

Bamboo is a renewable resource and is made from grass. You can get this product from commercial plantations and bamboo stands. There are also manufacturers, dealers and home improvement retailers that sell this product. Hardwood and grass are very similar. In fact, both will separate or swell if you do not have the right room temperature. But, how do you shop for these items? Read on.

There are different types, styles, and colors of bamboo flooring and blinds. Most of these products are manufactured in three colors. That is, darker shades, light blond and natural. Keep in mind how much money you can afford to spend and stay within that budget. Read the rest of this entry

electric blindsLooking for quality electric blinds for your window is not easy especially if you want to pick the one which will match the style of your window. Constructing this is not easy for those houses which are too small or too big to have this. That is why to give you an idea on how to select the best electric blinds for your home, you might consider these tips:

First you have to ask yourself, “Do I really need to buy this item for my home?” Usability of the item is very necessary so that you will not end up giving it to your relatives or worst you stack it in your basement. Before you purchase the item, make sure you really need it. Have a plan in order to choose the best product for your home use. Don’t go to the department store without having a survey about your need, because you will only waste your time and money. Read the rest of this entry

sheer window panelsThere are a number of sheer panels that you can buy online ranging from yellow colored pink sheer curtain panels made out of linen to the more classic pink sheer panels that are made out of silk, the possibilities when it comes to buying a set of sheer window panels are pretty much endless. There are other things however that you need to figure out when it comes to buying yourself a set of sheer curtain panels. While it may not strike a first time buyer of sheer panels as a problem, there are a number of things that can go wrong with the purchase of a sheer curtains itself.

Not only do you have to figure out a way to buy one of these for the cheapest available price, you also have to figure out what you are going to rank all the various topics as well as the sheer panels on. This makes it an extremely arduous task once you decide to go ahead with it. There are things like the size, shape as well as the color that are always on everyone’s mind when making a purchase for anything that you would use in your home’s interior but the one thing that many people fail to realize is that there is going to be a problem with the number of people coming in to buy some of these. Read the rest of this entry

faux-wood-blindsIn business society, competition is very rampant. Businessmen in the corporate world tend to make all the strategies and techniques in order for their company to stand. They go down from their company to know the needs of every people in the society.

There are so many considerations that they have to consider, from the biggest to the smallest thing so that they can produce product which will gain more client and investors. This is a big help to make their company progressive. But it will not become possible when there is no designer in the company especially if you are in the business of producing home furniture.

The designer is the asset of the company. They are the ones who make the designs of all the things that the company is selling. Every design that they are making is very important to the company because it is the one that will attract the attention of the people in the society.

This is what happens to faux wood blinds, because of its design many people were smitten by this beauty. They become fascinated in choosing this product for their windows because of its elegance and comfort that it gives to each member in the family. It is also appropriate to the office because it makes the room well lighted so the employees are comfortable working. Other people, who have houses which are eco-friendly they are choosing this because of its very saving benefits that they can get like you can save electricity from your lights and air con. Read the rest of this entry

faux-wood-blindsAre you having a problem on how to make your home beautiful? It’s not a big deal any more, especially in our generation today. There are many designers in town which will give you tips on how you will make your home presentable. Most of them are environment friendly and money conscious that’s why you will save a big amount from your budget.

One of their tips that they will give you is to choose a faux wood blinds for your glass window instead of using thick curtains. This is highly recommended by other individuals in the market because of the benefits that you can get of having this item for your home. Using this as your blinds will give you privacy and comfort. It would cover your windows perfectly, that’s why you don’t have to worry about the eyes of other people outside.

This is also perfectly fit to your office and home because it gives natural light to your room so you don’t have to turn on the lights in your room when it is day time. It is big help to you and your family. The energy that you can save will also lessen your budget, knowing that everyday you are using appliances and other gadgets that increase the bill of your electricity. Read the rest of this entry

bathroom blindsIf you’re looking into buying blinds for your bathroom, there are a few things to keep in mind before you hit the stores or online market. Outfitting the bathroom is different than decorating other rooms of the house because of the moisture content that is always in the air. You don’t want to ruin anything you purchase, so keep in mind that your bathroom blinds should be made up of certain materials. Not everyone has the privilege of natural light in their bathroom, so make sure you take full advantage of it by installing the right product.

Real wood should never be used to cover the windows of a bathroom. This natural material will absorb moisture right away, and a lot of it. It will then start to warp, and will continue to do so until they are removed. There is no getting around the moisture, so opt out of real wood. An alternative option for bathroom blind is faux wood. Read the rest of this entry

black velvet curtainA house couldn’t be much grander when its windows are draped with a velvet curtain. Being an expensive material, we tend to stereotype that velvet is only for royalty and nobility. Nowadays, velvet curtains have taken the home furnishing market by storm. What is even amazing is that the color used in velvet curtains had included the sleek black shade that is non stereotypical and gorgeous at the same time.

Houses can never be plain anymore when you dress it with black curtains. Plus, it is good for you. Why? Obviously, the first advantage of using velvet curtains is the aesthetic value it gives to any room. It gives any room an air of class and exclusivity. This is in itself a very positive thing for the people staying in the room. We adapt ourselves to the environment we live in. People who habitually live in messy and disorganized rooms are more than likely to develop undesirable patterns of thinking and behavior. On the other hand, people who stay surrounded by order and elegance stand to improve their outlook in that direction too. Read the rest of this entry

country kitchen curtainsWhen looking to redecorate your home, sometimes a quick change will make all the difference. When a new look can be achieved with a new rug or pillow, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

Other times, you might have to shell out big bucks for things like new furniture or new paint. However, there are times when a medium amount of money can go a long way. Sometimes, all you need are some new curtains to achieve a new look for a fraction of the cost.

One place to consider using new curtains is in the kitchen. Here, there are hundreds of different style options available, but one of the most popular is the country look. This particular style provides a homey look and can add a level of coziness to any kitchen. Read the rest of this entry

upvc double glazingGetting the best deals on double glazing costs has never been made easier thanks to technological development in internet technology. For a long time, majority of persons have had to rely on placed advertisements in newspapers and yellow pages to make a decision only for them to later regret their choice.

UPVC double glazing is an ambitious project that most homeowners and offices are undertaking as a means of cutting on heating bills. The use of double glazed windows and double glazing repairs has been on the rise over the years as a result of their property to minimize the amount of heat lost to the environment.

In order to get the best prices from double glazing companies, you need to make use of online quotation company. Provided in the site is an online form that assess your financial needs and provides you with a comprehensive list of companies in your locality or are familiar with your region based on the information submitted online. Read the rest of this entry

blackout curtainBlackout curtains may appear like a rather odd form of window dressing at first site, it is fair to say that they aren’t for everyone, having said that they really do have their uses. If you’re thinking of buying these types of blinds but are not sure where they’re suitable for you this article is for you.

The next few paragraphs are going to summarise some of the main benefits and uses of blackout curtains, this way you can find out whether or not your previous assumptions were right or whether they weren’t what you initially expected.

The whole purpose of blackout blinds or curtains is to stop as much light as possible from entering into a room, readers should note that that unlike normal blinds these will actually cast your rooms in darkness regardless of the time of day. That means they aren’t suitable as a replacement for normal shades or shutters, but if you sleep during the day because you work night shifts they can be invaluable. Read the rest of this entry

curtain fabricWhen one enters a room the window and the curtains are usually where the eyes are drawn. It is thus normal that we should try to dress our windows in the best possible way. One problem that many homeowners encounter is that oftentimes windows do not contribute well to the overall style of the room.

We spend a lot of time on the various accessories and too often we quickly choose a curtain fabric and a color and we think we are done. Just like any other accessory in the room curtains must fit in the general theme of the room rather than blend into the walls or the furniture fabrics. Here are some tips to give character to your window dressing.

Be unconventional, there is nothing like a splash of color to brighten up your everyday life. Nobody ever said that you should have identical curtains  (well may be someone said it – but you don’t have to listen). Mix motifs and colors. If you have a shawl or large scarves collection, saris, or fabrics from other countries you can use them. All you really need to do is drape them over a rod, or you can make a casing into which to slide the rod. Read the rest of this entry

conservatory blindsAt the turn of the 20th century, Venetian blinds are already popular in many Colonial houses. Back then they were still cumbersome and noisy. Venetian blinds are used nowadays to keep out the heat and protect everything inside the conservatory from the harmful rays of the sun. In addition, these blinds provide the needed privacy of many homeowners.

Venetian blinds remains to be one of the most popular choices for use in conservatories. They are available in a range of various woods and color tones to complement the interior design of the conservatory.

Woods are a great source of warmth which will be important in winter months. With the help of modern technology, Venetian blinds have the characteristics of being robust and ability to help prevent fading, warping and scratches. Some are even treated with a finish to make the slats dust-resistant. Read the rest of this entry

install shuttersAs a lady needs jewelry as her finishing touch, so a home needs shutters as a finishing touch to accent its exterior and provide great curb appeal. Wood exterior shutters come in several styles for different uses. These include open and closed louvered shutters, raised panel, board and batten shutters and the Bermuda or Bahama style. Each has certain characteristics.

Closed louvered shutters are the traditional style used on many houses. These are decorative rather than functional, as they do not open or serve any purpose other than ornamentation.

Easy to install and maintain, each requires less wood than other styles and is more resistant to insect and water damage. Open louvers allow light and air to pass through them and are used where the shutter must be able to be closed over the window. Open louvers are also sometimes used for permanent placement over vents and even as closet doors. Read the rest of this entry

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